Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Those who fail to plan...

So M and I have been doing the program for almost five months. Which seems unbelievable to me. Now, while I wish I was on track with their 1-2lb/week, I am sadly not quite. But not doing too badly.

The best thing so far has been how much better we've been about healthy meal planning and execution. We made a shared excel spreadsheet with a weekly meal plan and have been pretty good (a few weeks notwithstanding) about making a plan.

And we've made some delicious stuff too!
A lot of recipes we've found on and

Here are a few I've snapped a pic of with my phone:

Egg flowers

Potato leek soup


Super adorable (5pp) Easter cupcakes.

And tonight's Stromboli.

I am blogging from my phone tonight to fulfill my goal while watching M and a friend play an intense game of chess.

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socalohana said...

ok, yum! You two are such a great team! K and I are all over the place with our eating lately.