Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

I was looking at my post from last Christmas eve and remembering where I was then and all the great things that have happened in 09.

It's been a good year. and, I would wax poetic about it but am about to be clobbered by my trio of nephews (well, one is basically immobile but his crazy big brothers make up for it).

I also went for a run this afternoon in nearly perfect weather. Clear and sunny (if a touch too cold). It was the first run in a while since I have been feeling under the weather too much these past few weeks. It felt so great and reminded me how much I love all the things my body can do. It's funny how a little slow, 3miler can lift your spirits and help realign your thinking.

I think my goal for early next year is to build a base for a bit and get my eating under control. Basically just reset. Then I can start adding distance. My general goal is to get better about signing up early-ish and locking myself in :)

2010...bring it on

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm like this

In an ode to DSF's post:
I'm like this lately, only less cuddly.

I've been running,
I've also been sick, and been through oral surgery
and been making excuses :)