Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's nice to be 33

My day:
Michael made us tasty egg sandwiches.

Did some morning reading (he brings me a book, we read one page, repeat)

Andrew practiced his Top Model smizing with the vent air in his hair.

I got ready while these two plotted.

Happy commute

Work was good. My team took me to lunch and we got good news.

Got a new diaper

Dinner in Seattle then home for presents and cuddles.

Long time friends/readers may notice a lack of swimming-biking-running. I just don't think I'm into it. I've completed the b-fit b-day challenge for the past SEVEN years. But it just isn't where I am right now. I had plans to do it but got taken out for lunch and then was having too good a hair day to go swimming tonight. So I am going to roll with it. Cuddle with my hubby, still so so so very grateful for all I have and especially for my health. Insanely grateful for the life I've had and ready for another year.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014


So much of this parenting thing has been watching the shifts and clicks. The moments where something shifts in his personality or something clicks for him and he gets it. These can be awesome (most stuff) or obnoxious (his new screech).

These happen all the time and seem to be coming even more rapid fire these days.

Right now I am marveling at how much fun he can have at solo play. He has been doing such a lovely job entertaining himself lately. He has always been decent at it but he needed our help with maneuvering a lot of things and didn't have the kind of abilities he has now.

I've been sitting on the couch reading while he's been playing for the past half an hour. Sometimes he'll bring me something to show me but mostly he is just focused on his own thing.

I know it is natural progression but it does still blow my mind that the same little helpless kitten is already so independent. I'll be honest that sometimes it's hard for us to let him and we will jump in, mostly cause we like him and have fun playing with him.

he built that stack of 5 blocks and was using the cat toy to knock it down

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I could just pin myself II

This may very well already be super duper Pinterest fodder. Truth be told that site has gotten to be all triple-Oreo-Nutella-ice cream-brownie-cupcakes and clean-eating-paleo recipes and it gives me whiplash so I am rarely there.

But I wanted to make an intricate snack box for Andrew for our flights. He loves opening and closing containers and doors and latches. And he loves snacks. Well, his parents are mean and never buy good snacks except for when traveling. He loves travel snacks.

I tried to figure out a good container for my little project. I thought about a pill divider but realized that sends a terrible message and would get some looks on the plane. After searching the amazon I narrowed in on a small tackle box. It was only a few bucks but when it arrived I was disappointed by the size- teeny tiny.

I didn't have time to order a new one and didn't see anything workable in stores so I went with it. I got mini rice crackers, freeze dried blueberries, freeze dried bananas, cheerios and gerber yogurt melts (toddler crack).

By weight the full container had one ounce of snacks in it.

With this in hand (and refills ready to go) we set out for austin.

It worked pretty well. Andrew liked picking which door to open and it slowed down his inhalation of food. He had obvious preferences and completely rejected his old pal cheerio.

It was even handy while on the trip. We set out a blanket in the hotel for snack time and he knew to sit on the blanket to pick out and eat his snack.

Removing those pesky cheerios

By the flight home no amount or type of snack was interesting enough but the tackle box still bought us a small distraction.

sunset on the horizon is interesting but I'm losing my mind

Going forward I want to look for a box that's a little bigger and with doors he can work himself. All in all though we were pretty glad to have this in our travel tool box.

Travel item failures: foam blocks and infant magic markers-- actually both of these wound up as snacks also.

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