Monday, January 20, 2014

Internet dilemmas

One problem with looking for healthy recipes on the internet is that you don't know if the author or all the commenters are super creative or just super disordered about eating.

Case in point is a recipe for what is essentially chocolate hummus which has been named "cookie dough dip"

I won't lie, I'm probably just stupid and wasteful of the ingredients enough to try it.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five years!

Went on a first date five years ago.

Who knew it would would lead me to my favorite person and the best partner I could imagine for myself?

We are a team. And (other than the USA) the best team I've ever been on for that matter.

Man, time seriously flies!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

What a week, what a week


Man, I do love Fridays. So much possibility.

This week was our big intro to daycare. I think it went rather well. Despite making myself a checklist I managed to forget something basically each of the three days. Turns out if your checklist is incomplete you won't have everything you need. But they were all minor and our daycare provider Kyla (whose name Michael has a hilariously hard time with) figured out how to work around.

So far so good I think. I am reasonably happy with the distance from my work (walking distance would be better obviously) and the space for him is really nice and clean and new. Kyla called out on the first day what a happy baby he is. I'm so glad she saw that.

This week I have exercised exactly zero times. I was still recovering on Monday but I really meant to pick up that ball this week.

The problem is that I'm not sure how to align it in my priorities. I actually do enjoy exercise and I think it helps balance my moods but I am currently prioritizing sleep and chilling out with my boys above it.

Yesterday the opportunity for morning exercise was ripe. Andrew woke me up at 4:45am and he was fed and snoozing again by 5:15. This meant I was empty and had about and hour before I needed to get the day started. I should have grabbed a gym bag and hit the road (I am way too chicken to run on the dark). What I did was...nothing. I napped with baby boy for a few minutes then got up and putzed around.

Figuring out priorities and how to meet them is a work in progress and will be the theme of our lives for a while.

But, to bring it all back around, at least there is the weekend. When you have a bit more time to do the things you love the most. And even combine them, my boy and I will likely go for a run together this weekend and maybe convince M to meet up with us for coffee.


Cute baby picture:

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Sickly holiday

Well, back in the saddle again, or the milking parlor I should say.

The holidays were awesome yet not quite what I was hoping for thanks to being ridiculously sick and without voice for a week. But hey, can it really be bad when you're hanging with these two?

I was out of commission since the day after Christmas and my little family took awesome care of me (Michael did the bulk of the work but Andrew was on the morale team).

We spent New Years in our jammies, similar to our attire for much of the Christmas festivities.

I had hoped to use the week to prepare for the big thrust we are about to make into the real world. Work or daycare for us all starting week after next.

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