Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Biker DMD!!

Speedy just bought a bike and I am SO excited!

Now she can challenge me to do something ridiculous on my bike with her.

Training has been weak at best. I printed out Hal's 1/2M intermediate program and week on already kicked my butt!


Where does fitness go so fast?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Reboot-FAILED (mainly)

These were my action items for this weekend:
1. Sign up for Mercer island half-marathon. hopefully that will re-energize me to get on a real running program.
-I did the opposite of this and booked a vacation for the same weekend as the MI half. I'm going to Maui for 4 nights from a STEAL of a deal package that a friend found. I am excited but still having buyers remorse and feeling guilty for spending money on a trip myself (although she found us RT airfare SEA--> Maui AND hotel AND a rental car for (drumroll) $520 per person!!!

I had told her that if she found SEA to Hawaii for $500 with air and hotel to book it and I was in! It was weird to relinquish control of my travel booking though. (And it actually came to $520 but it included a car so I'll let it slide)

So bottom line, no MI half marathon

2. Get my W-2 this weekend and do my taxes. This will influence my triathlon and general travel budget for 2009

- It didn't come! I am so irritated about this.

3. email key players in reunion planning.

-Still in avoid-avoid-avoid mode. grrr

I did however have a good 4mile outdoor run yesterday.

Holy Hell, I need to get back in gear