Monday, April 21, 2014

I could just pin myself

Ok, I am pretty pumped about the cake we built for my sister’s birthday. She likes donuts better than cake so we set out to make a donut tower.

Michael engineered the stand (which wound up being a large glass cylinder vase on top of a black catering tray) and did all sorts of math to determine the number of donuts required. I wouldn’t tell him this to his face* but he did a great job with that. I would never have bought enough donuts and his estimate was only about 6 donuts over…just enough for snacking pre-party for the decorating committee. I bought the delicious Costco round chocolate cake to go on top of the tower for cake lovers.

Then I made a pretty easy cake topper by punching out 16 on really pretty glitter paper and cardboard and gluing it all to skewers.

Finally we filled the vase with metallic fabric for some extra oomph.

It turned out very cute.

* This is a reference to The Office, of course I told him!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sad trumpet update

I but the bullet and did it. Went into the same salon but different stylist. She was just ok. Not as helpful or interested as my previous one.

I got a keratin express treatment. I had to keep my hair straight (no hair ties or anything) for four days.

It looked like this and people were all agog.

Then I washed it. It was supposed to be relaxed and not frizzy. Well, the frizz seems reduced but it doesn't seem at all relaxed.

I'm honestly not too enthused about it. It was expensive and SO time consuming and those four days are way too long.

It absolutely brings me back to my main question about female grooming: how do people keep this crap up? It takes so much time and money and management.

I have added the Clinique mascara to my beauty regime. Looks good but again, I touch my face too damn much.

Andrew pic for good measure:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Subcultures, followup

Here is my stash just so you can see how cute and fun they are and how people might go overboard.

And this was an April fools joke I saw yesterday.

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