Sunday, February 28, 2016

Real talk with 2 year olds

Transcript from the conversation on the freeway during our drive to my mom's house last night. 

2yo: I can't reach my excavator (small toy excavator that he plays with in the car)

A: sorry buddy I can't get it while I'm driving.

2yo: why?

A: it's too dangerous when I'm driving

2yo: why?

A: because when you drive you have to be very careful and watch for other cars. 

2yo: oh. Because there is traffic. 

A: yep. I need to watch out for other cars and pay attention.

2yo: oh. Because all the traffic cars are trying to go home. (We've had many conversations about traffic) 

A: yep, we are all trying to get somewhere safe. 

2yo: we all need to be safe.
<<<30 seconds elapse>>>
2yo: but I need my excavator. 

A: Well, thanks for weighing all of our safety and well being against your own needs. 

*i didn't say the last one but the thought did make me chuckle. Not to mention we have had this particular conversation about 10,000 times. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016


I'm pretty excited. I'm about to book a trip to California. I wanted to go visit while I'm on leave but had dragged my feet figuring out dates because I didn't have a solid reason to go. Until I got invited to a college friends wedding!
I'm so excited to see her get married. See some old friends from college. See even older childhood friends. Take Miranda and Andrew to some fun sights. 

But to the disappointing thing. I'm bummed that I'm as overweight right now as I was in college. Now, to be accurate, that was because of dining hall onion rings and "study sessions" at Denny's whereas my weight right now is from baby gestating onion rings. 

But seriously, I know it is going to take time and frankly commitment that my sleep deprived ass just doesn't have at the moment to get back in shape and there is no use trying to kill myself (and the baby that my body is still in charge of feeding) to try to change much before mid April. But I'm still bummed. 

I feel like I'd hit a new normal weight and body type in the last 5-10 years but as far as these guys go I look really similar to how they knew me then. 

Oh well. I need to reread the second paragraph here and remember why I'm going. But I'm still bummed. 

I will also get back to being in some of the myriad of pictures I take. 

Selfie attempts. 

Friday, February 19, 2016


Great part: picking out awesome pjs. 

Terrible horrible no good very bad part: sick tiny babies. FU viruses