Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Work is such that I don't have the luxury of blogging much anymore and I have lots that I have thought about posting. Here are a few:

  1. (Possible TMI) I am learning how to get around my running GI issues I think. It makes me happy but there are some downsides to my solution.
  2. I had REALLY been on track for a few weeks which is good. I let dark, cold and rain last weekend mess me up and my 11miler turned into 7 (good ones) at the gym. That is not so good
  3. I have been doing speed work.
  4. I finally tried running to an audio book. I think I like!
  5. I had a free session with a trainer at my gym. Made me feel lazy, uncoordinated self-conscious and fat. Plus, that is SPENDY. I think I'll continue muddling my way through this fitness/weight loss business.
  6. I have got to make a decision about whether or not to do the Seattle Half-M. I'm not technically ready but it is a great way to start the holiday season…even without Speedy.
  7. Got 5miles in today, average pace…9:00/mi! CRAZY! Makes me want to do another 10K despite that distance being my least favorite.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I try to reserve that word but I HATE daylight savings time.

I left work into 5:15pm.

Drives me insane. My seasonal anxiety disorder kicks in SO amazingly quickly.

I ran 10miles on Sunday. They weren't pretty but they're in the bag. It was the 1st double digit run I've done since I ran 26.2 miles last December. The suckage probably had something to do with the 4lbs of twizzlers I ate on Halloween.

We give back that pesky hour on March 14th...countdown begins!