Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cloth diapering numero dos

I fully recognize that I'm cursing myself and as soon as I hit publish Miranda will learn how to eat solids and my wash routine will be ineffective and disaster will ensue. 
But I still have to say how well diapering is going this time!

It took me a bit longer to get into a real rhythm. Honestly because it took me a while to figure out regular laundry for the four of us (we were a disaster- generally messy and newly potty trained two year old who changed undies multiple times per day for the hell of it- newborn with bodily fluids coming out every which with similar fluid issues). Plus the diapers I settled on for Andrew didn't fit well on newborns. 

So at first I just used them when I had them and didn't stress too much. 
By mid/late March things started to clear up. Miranda began to fit into the diapers that make up the majority of our stash, I had a good laundry routine going and we'd found a daycare willing to accommodate. 

Since then it has been totally smooth sailing!

Here are the reasons I think this is so:
1. No learning curve this time. Michael and I are both well trained and know the routine. We're both pretty pleased with ourselves on how few leaks we've had. 

2. I am taking a pretty relaxed approach.i had started to get frustrated that I couldn't get the absorbency right for nighttime but instead of killing myself over it we just use a paper diaper at night. This also lets me slather her booty with whatever cream I want overnight which helps keep her little chubby thighs happy. 

3. Andrew broke in the diapers absorbency wise (the elastics are also a bit loose so that's a bummer). All of the natural fiber diapers and inserts have been washed a million times and are super thirsty. 

4. I know how to use a cover and I'm not afraid to do it. I have to send an intact diaper to daycare but on the weekends I now can use covers and this greatly reduces my laundry burden. 

5. This baby only poops once a week or so. Makes laundry nice. 

I'm so excited that it is going so well so far. I'm not sure why it is a thing I enjoy but it is. 

Maybe it's because of this cuteness
*i have many fewer pics of Miranda in diapers than Andrew, guess the novelty wore off. 
Damn he was adorable. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

I hear a symphony!

The job I had before this one gave me many hours of being in an empty BSL-2 tissue culture room which was inside a basically empty lab. With this amount of isolation-before I discovered podcasts or audiobooks- I not only listened to music but I sang merrily along. *

The most fun and most nostalgic genre for this was Motown. 

I was reminded of this on Saturday when Michael and I went to a restaurant/music venue which had a Motown band playing. 

So today I dusted off my old iTunes playlists and (carefully-my current lab bench isn't nearly as isolated) am happily singing along today. 

It is a welcome break from the heavy news and gut wrenching podcasts (Embedded anyone?) I've been consuming. 

Nothing makes an ELISA go faster than a little Diana Ross! 

Also accomplished this weekend
Haircut, swimming, etc. 

*i was later told that I could be heard sometimes. Whoops. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Struggle Bus

I am on it. 

Man I am struggling getting into shape. There are many valid reasons/excuses and I am trying to accept that with all of the life changes I've had in the past six months it isn't crazy to still be struggling.  

Not to mention my body still feels kind of broken. Most acutely in my foot. I've had so much foot pain since I had Miranda and it has resulted in a vicious cycle of wanting to exercise to get in the mental place of weight loss and fitness- my foot hurts too much to exercise- I don't lose weight that might help my aching feet. 

I have also eaten* most of my feelings in 2016 which means I've eaten A LOT. 

In an effort to exit the struggle bus I am going to try to use transparency here as motivation(self shaming?). 

I need to lose 25lb to get to my pre pregnancy weight. 25lb on someone my height is a lot. 

My commitment this week:
Hit my step goal everyday
Swim 2X
No dessert

*i fully realize that weight loss happens in the kitchen but I know myself enough to know that exercise makes me feel better and more rational around food. So getting on track there is paramount. 

Me looking short and heavy next to my adorable heel wearing sister. 

Hilarious graduation gift

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Things to remember

A compilation of things I want to try to remember from this always-on-infant+toddler season of life:

- when I kiss a sleeping Miranda, most of the time she gives a reflexive sleeping smile. 

- the "don't be sad Miranda" song

-listening to Michael and Andrew do andrew's nighttime checklist as I feed Miranda (sort of chuckling at how much more complex 3 yr old bedtime -WE FLOSS THIS CHILDS'S TEETH- is than baby bedtime at the moment.) And the feeling of gratitude I have that I have a kick ass co-parent. 

- Andrew fetching toys for Miranda 

- baby hand resting on my chest as she eats. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dozer Day!

Fact: thus far all of the kiddie type fairs we've taken Andrew to have been at least 50% failure. 

Dozer day however was a giant 100% win!

It was well organized, the volunteer staff were super great and they knew their audience. Plus Facebook hadn't ruined it and, while crowded, it was totally manageable. 

Andrew didn't want to drive any of the big machines but he was freaking elated to be up close and see them working. I stood in line for the 12 and up driving but Miranda didn't want me to do it and eventually cried in protest. 

We are totally going again next year!
Highlight of the day- sand piles for digging
HUGE dump truck
Sunny day selfies
There were rows of working vehicles to watch and drive. Swoon!
We stopped for lunch at a cute crepeiere in sumner afterward. 
(Check out the cameo of the awesome wait staff)

And baby sister, baby sistered like a total sweetie. 
Full outfit because she looked adorable 
Full Andrew ensemble because he looked adorable.