Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dozer Day!

Fact: thus far all of the kiddie type fairs we've taken Andrew to have been at least 50% failure. 

Dozer day however was a giant 100% win!

It was well organized, the volunteer staff were super great and they knew their audience. Plus Facebook hadn't ruined it and, while crowded, it was totally manageable. 

Andrew didn't want to drive any of the big machines but he was freaking elated to be up close and see them working. I stood in line for the 12 and up driving but Miranda didn't want me to do it and eventually cried in protest. 

We are totally going again next year!
Highlight of the day- sand piles for digging
HUGE dump truck
Sunny day selfies
There were rows of working vehicles to watch and drive. Swoon!
We stopped for lunch at a cute crepeiere in sumner afterward. 
(Check out the cameo of the awesome wait staff)

And baby sister, baby sistered like a total sweetie. 
Full outfit because she looked adorable 
Full Andrew ensemble because he looked adorable. 

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Kathy said...

Ack! The cuteness! You two are seriously awesome parents.
P.S. I love that Big A photobombed Little A's macaroon moment!