Monday, June 27, 2016

I hear a symphony!

The job I had before this one gave me many hours of being in an empty BSL-2 tissue culture room which was inside a basically empty lab. With this amount of isolation-before I discovered podcasts or audiobooks- I not only listened to music but I sang merrily along. *

The most fun and most nostalgic genre for this was Motown. 

I was reminded of this on Saturday when Michael and I went to a restaurant/music venue which had a Motown band playing. 

So today I dusted off my old iTunes playlists and (carefully-my current lab bench isn't nearly as isolated) am happily singing along today. 

It is a welcome break from the heavy news and gut wrenching podcasts (Embedded anyone?) I've been consuming. 

Nothing makes an ELISA go faster than a little Diana Ross! 

Also accomplished this weekend
Haircut, swimming, etc. 

*i was later told that I could be heard sometimes. Whoops. 

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