Sunday, June 12, 2016

Struggle Bus

I am on it. 

Man I am struggling getting into shape. There are many valid reasons/excuses and I am trying to accept that with all of the life changes I've had in the past six months it isn't crazy to still be struggling.  

Not to mention my body still feels kind of broken. Most acutely in my foot. I've had so much foot pain since I had Miranda and it has resulted in a vicious cycle of wanting to exercise to get in the mental place of weight loss and fitness- my foot hurts too much to exercise- I don't lose weight that might help my aching feet. 

I have also eaten* most of my feelings in 2016 which means I've eaten A LOT. 

In an effort to exit the struggle bus I am going to try to use transparency here as motivation(self shaming?). 

I need to lose 25lb to get to my pre pregnancy weight. 25lb on someone my height is a lot. 

My commitment this week:
Hit my step goal everyday
Swim 2X
No dessert

*i fully realize that weight loss happens in the kitchen but I know myself enough to know that exercise makes me feel better and more rational around food. So getting on track there is paramount. 

Me looking short and heavy next to my adorable heel wearing sister. 

Hilarious graduation gift

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Kathy said...

You are, of course, beautiful and awesome just the way you are. At the same time, I totally get not *feeling* good about your body. I have been feeding my feelings donuts (and their cousins: chocolate, sugar, etc.) and not going to the gym since January. I think I need to figure out how my brain works to prevent it from sabotaging my efforts! I read an article about procrastination recently that might have some answers... :) I also went to yoga on Saturday and our teacher asked how many of us did even five minutes of yoga everyday. He was so visibly crushed when not a single person raised a hand that I feel compelled to do my part. Perhaps I can trigger my "people pleaser"/teacher's pet genes to get me to do some yoga everyday at least! Five minutes. Surely I can do that!