Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best water boy ever!

It is 1pm and it has already been a long and wonderful day. One of those Saturdays you wait for all year. Gorgeous out and no real obligations.

Mr baby has been a bit of a morning person the past few days so the day started way too damn early. But he and I played hard until his 7:30am morning nap. Then M and I had coffee and breakfast.

After a quick shower I went out to hose down our patio furniture. So we are ready to be outside!

M had gotten A up by then so we all had a rousing game of catch before A and I took off on a run.

He is the best water boy ever!
He was not a fan of the sun in his face (yet refused to wear his hat) so he had his eyes closed the whole way out. Talking and drinking water the whole time.

He was even happier when we turned around and he could open his eyes.

Kept momma hydrated and entertained as we shared his water cup.

Then we met up with M at the Redmond farmers market to grab a few veggies and wander before grabbing lunch.

Now I'm sitting down to feed baby boy after our adventures and a sneaking sleepiness is creeping over me.

Fight it or nap?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I feel like I am backsliding on my goals.

I have started to wear jeans to work again. I started with the excuse of casual Fridays. And now here I sit wearing them for the second day this week on Tuesday.

I also have fallen in my mascara/BB usage. It started with an excuse to myself about using moisturizer on my dry skin for a few days.

And I have begun to call a curly bun a finished hairdo.

I know what to do about point one. I need to get more pants and have them clean and ready. Or decide I don't care and that I should take advantage of my casual workplace.

I think getting my brows tamed- no, taming all of my facial hair (ugh, worst task ever) -will help me with point two.

Point three requires the most effort. And is why I have worn my hair in a high ponytail since the sixth grade.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that all of this backslide is due to just feeling blah. We are kicking butt in our daily routine but it is a lot of work. Michael and I were talking this weekend about how frustrating it can be to not be done with our baseline activities until almost 9pm. It works and there is flexibility but it is tiring.

But the thing is, because of that I want to stay in control of things that matter to me. I don't know what has happened in the last month or so to make it harder. When was I getting my runs in for half marathon training? Well, I got them in somehow because it mattered and I just made it a part of life.

I will give myself a pass this week but back on the horse after a nice long weekend.

Mr. Baby being destructive in his room while I am attached to a pump. He is ready trying to forceto redecorate.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother Nature

Nature can be a terrible, insidious, monstrous beast.

People are often surprised that I am not really too into natural alternatives to many things. While yes, some compounds in nature haven't been figured out and mixtures found in nature are often hard to replicate, for the most part I like the synthetic version. I like that it was made in a lab and regulated. I even feel this way about synthetic gemstones. This is just my personal take on things and I fully exercise the right to be a hypocrite at times for absolutely no reason except that I feel differently about a certain product.

Motherhood has brought many people-of-the-internet into my life. I have the kid folio app on my phone and it can be really useful at times. I don't know many nursing moms and have questions. But my rage meter goes off there quite often because of how many people keep touting how awesome nature is at feeding babies. Um, not really. I have been super lucky with Andrew so far and I am still nursing but I fully understand that if I was struggling and if nature had it her way he would be starving. Nature is ok with runting offspring. But we've developed an ethical system in which we aren't ok with that and now (in what is a relatively recent development) science has made it easier to hold to that standard.

There was a recent story that breast milk bought online was contaminated. What stood out to me in that is that we have made women feel so strongly about breastmilk that they are buying it from strangers. What are we doing?

That isn't nature. And seriously do we want nature?

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Inside out day

On a related note to my last post yesterday was also Andrew's inside out day. Well, that's what Michael called it.

It is pretty crazy he has been here equally as long as u was pregnant (though technically not really).

I used to have him all to myself so it is pretty nice of me to share him with the world now.

Life on the inside vs outside

He was squirmy in there but he is much squirmier now.

More time consuming on the outside than in (though fewer appointments).

Noisier out here.

WAY cuter on the outside than the alien creature on ultrasound.

He has done some pretty incredible growing both inside and out so that one is probably a wash.

He impacted my sleep when he was inside too but he was less fun to hang out with in the early morning hours back then than he is now.

It is so much easier to share all the wonder with Michael now than it was then.

It is also easier to share the work load now than it was then.

All in all, as interesting as pregnancy was he is so much cooler now. Plus, let's face it, he was getting pretty heavy.


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Friday, May 2, 2014

Close but no cigar

I made it a goal to hit the stupid "nine on -nine off" metric. You know, the one that is supposed to be taking pressure off of new moms by saying that they don't have to bounce back right away while actually implying that your ass better be back in gear by an actual hard deadline. So yeah. I missed it. By a tenth of a pound which I know is within the error but I was already giving the before number some slack so I missed it. And I won't lie to y'all and say I didn't try using the bathroom or that I didn't contemplate feeding Andrew a little more. But I didn't. I'm not quite there yet.

I am annoyed at myself because it really wasn't a reach goal. I truly needed only moderate moderation to get there but I just haven't been able to resist my junk food urges in the last couple years.

I will pat myself on the back with exercise. I am just coming off of 30 days of the 30 day shred. Damn Jillian Michaels kicks my butt!

So I move on. I still have a good number of Elle bees to ditch to get to what I sort of consider my goal. But probably more important is getting a handle on that moderation.

I've figured out that I may never have the zen relationship with food that others seem to. That's ok I guess, I do have a somewhat better relationship with healthful food and I think building on that is more important.

I could do a post baby body post but I will sum it up in this one. I got back into my clothes mostly but there is something different. I was hoping to avoid the "softer" description I see from others postpartum but I'm softer. I am also going to need some really excellent bras when I finish breastfeeding. But other than that I still look at my belly and then look at my son and marvel that that was possible (and I do the same looking at my own mom). It is all so bizarre and fantastic.

*this post is not a cry for compliments, excuses, justification, outrage, etc. It is just what I was musing on this morning.

Here are my boobs trying to be the only body part that doesn't want to fit into an old dress.

Could be worse, Andrew's head grows faster than his body.

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