Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Inside out day

On a related note to my last post yesterday was also Andrew's inside out day. Well, that's what Michael called it.

It is pretty crazy he has been here equally as long as u was pregnant (though technically not really).

I used to have him all to myself so it is pretty nice of me to share him with the world now.

Life on the inside vs outside

He was squirmy in there but he is much squirmier now.

More time consuming on the outside than in (though fewer appointments).

Noisier out here.

WAY cuter on the outside than the alien creature on ultrasound.

He has done some pretty incredible growing both inside and out so that one is probably a wash.

He impacted my sleep when he was inside too but he was less fun to hang out with in the early morning hours back then than he is now.

It is so much easier to share all the wonder with Michael now than it was then.

It is also easier to share the work load now than it was then.

All in all, as interesting as pregnancy was he is so much cooler now. Plus, let's face it, he was getting pretty heavy.


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