Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best water boy ever!

It is 1pm and it has already been a long and wonderful day. One of those Saturdays you wait for all year. Gorgeous out and no real obligations.

Mr baby has been a bit of a morning person the past few days so the day started way too damn early. But he and I played hard until his 7:30am morning nap. Then M and I had coffee and breakfast.

After a quick shower I went out to hose down our patio furniture. So we are ready to be outside!

M had gotten A up by then so we all had a rousing game of catch before A and I took off on a run.

He is the best water boy ever!
He was not a fan of the sun in his face (yet refused to wear his hat) so he had his eyes closed the whole way out. Talking and drinking water the whole time.

He was even happier when we turned around and he could open his eyes.

Kept momma hydrated and entertained as we shared his water cup.

Then we met up with M at the Redmond farmers market to grab a few veggies and wander before grabbing lunch.

Now I'm sitting down to feed baby boy after our adventures and a sneaking sleepiness is creeping over me.

Fight it or nap?

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Kathy said...

nap, nap, nap... :)