Monday, June 2, 2014

On naps

I asked in my last post whether I should nap or not. Seems like a no brainer.

Naps are also one of the most often heard pieces of advice you get as a new parent (after, don't blink it goes so fast). But I never was able to settle into the "sleep when he sleeps" rule for at least two reasons.
1. Uh, I need to get shit done.
2. I am not a good napper.

I so very rarely wake up from a nap well rested. Nine times out of ten I wake up more disoriented than I was when I went to sleep. It is a struggle because it feels so good to cozy into my bed in broad daylight. Feels so deliciously wrong. But whenever I nap I know I am risking feeling like I got hit by a frying pan.

M is an excellent power napper. He will take a ten minute nap! That just seems outrageous.

I usually decide based on how tired I am. Because sometimes getting even a handful of winks is worth feeling groggy.

Picture of Andrew as we shared a apple and greens Popsicle.

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Kathy said...

He looks like such a BIG boy!! :)