Monday, September 12, 2011

More wedding

God it was good to see and touch him. It felt awesome. I am worried though, that the excitement made me lose my head a bit. I was freaking GIDDY and completely turned over responsibility to the photographer and was totally down to try whatever she wanted. And she wanted what felt like some wacky stuff. So far, I am in LOVE with everything we’ve seen from her but things like our pics alone are in front of a garage door. Michael objected at the time but I was so excited that I didn’t care.




I probably should have in hindsight…cause he was right, the door was bland and odd.


We took a bunch of shots together and then it was time for bridal party pics.

Here is the closest I had to stress the whole day. I have to preface it by saying that my mom and I have this issue all the time and it drives me batty on any day. My mom (who had my bridesmaids, 2 sugar plums and my nephews’ little cutie tuxes with her) had gotten lost. I get lost constantly (but now my phone saves me, mostly) but what gets me with my mom is that she wants you to give directions on the phone as she continues to move. It seriously kills me. I don’t understand why she thinks I have the ability to see where she is in space and time. So yeah, we get into it about this quite often and it is something I am working on being less of a brat about. So I tried to be less of one on my wedding day too, I gave her my best advice based on where it sounded like she was, listened patient-but-not-amused to her jokes about stopping for lunch and got off the phone. I wasn’t stressed about them being lost forever it was more my typical annoyance with my mom while driving (this also extends to asking me about directions when we’re somewhere that neither of us have been and to her asking me which lane is north when we’re both looking at the same sign).

To keep on time the guys started their photos and I waited in some shade with our little entourage at the nearby restaurant. I shockingly had no bodily needs. I wasn’t hungry or thirsty and I didn’t need to go to the bathroom (the thirst and hunger came back but I never did need to pee in my wedding dress).  

Once the ladies made it we took some pics while my nephews got dressed. I was so excited to see them in their suits. I really hope I got a good shot with those two. They are both so special to me and I am over the moon that they got to be in the wedding. I am also glad I gave my nut-case 4 year old nephew a job. It wouldn’t have been right not to have him be a part.


With pictures all taken it was time to head to the venue. More pictures were to take place there. But first, we got to see the room one more time. The cake had delivered but apparently didn’t fit on the stand we’d supplied. Whoops (though we had followed their guidelines). The rest of the room looked so freaking awesome! DSF and her hubby and a few more good friends were busily lighting our centerpieces.


After this little interlude it was more picture time. Family pictures. I had given Devon  a very long list of family pics. They were/are so important to me. I know they aren’t arty or beautifully composed but I want them minimally as family artifacts. I hope so badly that the pic of my sisters, mom and the children turns out. I also wanted a pic with each nephew/niece. It was a long list and Devon was a champ about getting them in but I gave her permission to just do her best…the models were difficult.