Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give the people what they want…Wedding Recap 3

Day of (leading up, part 2)

When we left off, our photographer getting there meant it was time to get rolling. My hair and makeup was done and, while Devon was scurrying around taking pictures of the flowers and my shoes and my dress, I got into my dress (after going potty).

Then I was ready. And early.

I wish I had our pics already so I could see if any of the pictures she took of me in the alley turned out. This was the first time I had ventured out in the dress and it was interesting starting to figure out what I could do in it and how much I could move. I had almost the entire range of motion and she put it to use having me squat down and lean and contort for what are hopefully pretty pics.

We killed time in the alley and then the second shooter (the photog’s hubby) came to pick us up to go down to see my handsome groom.

And we were early again.

We parked and waited for the men to arrive with my immediate-future husband. They pulled up directly in front of the car I was in! Luckily I think he was distracted and didn’t see me. I did get to say hi to the groomsmen and they all looked so nice and I was already completely floating on air.

I will re-iterate here that seeing M before the ceremony was THE best decision I made for myself. I was too full at 2pm! If I had to wait until the ceremony I would have burst and the torture of not immediately getting to talk to him at the ceremony would have been too much.

The plan was that I’d walk up behind him on the pier and tap him on the shoulder. I couldn’t resist giving him a back hug. I was so happy and touching him in his snazzy suit made it feel actually tangible. He managed to turn around and, honestly, I don’t recall the look on his face. I pulled him into a hug and started tearing up. There may or may not have also been some jumping.

(sorry no pics but the link to our photog has some and I will try to remember to update)

This feels like a good place to stop. I didn’t want to have too many recaps but oh well. Should work on being less verbose I guess…and not starting writing at 10pm.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Give the people what they want…Wedding recap 2

Day of (leading up)

We had a pretty detailed schedule for the day of. I had told M that I wouldn’t be able to sleep and hence put my wake-up at 6am. To my lucky surprise, I slept until almost 8am! This was only the first of many calming  happy-stances that occurred that day. The plan was to have M head to the venue and get our helper-people organized and feed them donuts and coffee while I stayed at the rental to get our other helper’s cars loaded with all of our d├ęcor. Much to my surprise all of our stuff fit easily into the first two cars. So we threw up a sign (and sent text messages) to those who were one there way and everyone was headed to the venue.


2011-07-22 09-37-33-227 2011-07-22 09-48-36-455

(every picture said Groom Ride or Bride Room, whoops!)

We had 1 hour from 10-11am to get the decorating done and our super crew came through! We finished almost on the dot and the room looked exactly like what I had imagined. I was SO ecstatic about how great everything looked and (to toot my own horn) really proud of how organized things were. That being said, M and I each had our own snafu; he had forgotten the webcam for the photobooth and I had failed to pack the scoops for candy. The best man graciously headed to our house to get the webcam and the scoops were just lost forever.

2011-07-22 10-13-51-1832011-07-22 10-13-43-5292011-07-22 10-14-27-1432011-07-22 10-14-35-0282011-07-22 10-14-49-3122011-07-22 10-14-54-4052011-07-22 10-34-50-512 2011-07-22 10-14-18-405

Seeing M so early in the day and helping decorate are some of the best decisions I made for myself for this whole thing.


My mom and others had tried to implore me to leave it to others but it was one of the most fun and relaxing hours of the day. With decorating done the ladies headed back to the vacation rental for hair and makeup. This was an area of fear for me; if the hair/makeup person didn’t show up and I was left to scramble…that would be bad. The stylist I found (on craigslist) was there a touch early which was a huge relief and she did an awesome job, even stayed calm when we had to wash some gunk out of my hair (bonfire grit and general dry scalp don’t make your updo pretty).

Everyone kept trying to feed me and make sure I had everything I needed. It was too sweet and cute…though even for them I couldn’t eat the fake meat sandwich they brought me.


In the meantime, the men were hanging out and having sushi for lunch and taking pictures of air fresheners.


Time felt CRAZY slow and then all of the sudden the photographer was there, and it was REAL real. Before I knew it I was putting on my dress (there is no sweeter sound than an effortless zipper on such a big day). 

OK, I will sign off here for tonight so I guess there’ll be a bit more before we get to the good stuff.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

When the readers demand…Wedding Recap

I just got slammed by 20% of my readers (DSF) demanding that I do wedding recaps. So I’ll give it a shot.


The time leading up to the wedding is a total happy blur for me. And I think it may have come off the sweat of my future husband’s brow. While I was off being pampered (thanks ladies!) he was busy coordinating picking up keys to our rental and figuring out tuxedo fittings and putting pork tacos in a crock pot and picking up rentals and etc. etc. etc.


The rental property turned out to be so cute and perfectly suited for prepping flowers and getting ready. Plus there were goodies for us (add that to the list of above things that put sweat on his brow)!


Wednesday evening we finished up the last of the wedding projects. The photo seating chart. Despite my best judgment I allowed a jet-lagged ex-pat to man the exacto knife but no fingers were lost.

Thursday we did the wedding task that I got THE MOST grief about. From the most liberal minded wedding people to the most conservative ones they were very concerned about my floral plan. But the time had come! Speedy, Ali and one of my oldest friend-family Jenna and I all went to Pike’s Place Market and left with arms full of amazing flowers. We arranged them back at the rental and they turned out AMAZING (if I do say so)!


Thursday’s plans all relied heavily on DSF and her hubby. While we were at the rehearsal, trying to coax my middle nephew into doing his job,


they took decorations to our rehearsal dinner site and then staked out a fire-pit on the beach for our get together later that night. It all went off without a hitch and I can’t thank them enough (forgetting to send them some pizza is high on my (very short) list of wedding regrets). The ‘smore party was exactly what I hoped for. Seeing all of my loved ones for a few extra relaxed minutes was a VERY good thing.

bonfire 1alki

bonfirebonfire setup

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Property of substitution

Running= sucky
Walking = sucky. { surprisingly so to me anyway}

Running/walking = 1

And 1 sucks much less than either.

I was going to let that be my See Jane Run race report but I guess that's cheating.

The nerves in my thumb are done typing on my phone for now. Will try again later

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Relief and Sadness

Now that our wedding has passed I figured I’d muse on an area of sadness I was expecting and relief I am ETERNALLY grateful for.
I am kina morbid (which I think bugs M) but it is in a practicality of life sort of way. That death is a lurking possibility and will leave you in the throes of dealing with it before you can bat an eye. With this said, I was really worried that someone I loved would die before the wedding. I have been worried about my aunt for years, my mom for a year and this year I was worried something would happen to my sister or the baby. I worried about M’s family and especially since they drove out. I even worried about the two of us and a freak accident. Now, it isn’t that I think by making it to the wedding I have safe guarded everyone I love nor do I feel like everyone’s attendance is all I needed/wanted them to stay around for, it is bigger than that. We did it! We have made and safeguarded the memories from that day forever and death can’t ever take that away. There will hopefully be a million more celebrations with each of those people but regardless we got that one! I am so glad for all the people we had present and the love they showed us that day because we get to keep it forever. On some wedding items I would ask myself “is this worth it,” until one day I realized I needed to answer that by deciding if it will make memories. And not just for M and me but for our loved ones. One of my favorite pics is a photobooth image of the most random assortment of M and my dearest’s. I’m not sure how this crew came to be, or if it was random or if they were sober enough to remember taking it, but it is a tangible reminder of the new “baby-family” M and I made official that night.

The other side of this is the sadness I referred to. I’ll have to get M’s perspective on it (since his loss is newer and closer) but I was surprised by the how soft the sad was. I felt like the way I missed my loved ones who weren’t there was imagining their presence and how they would have celebrated the day. It was nice. And not overwhelming. It may be because these guys didn’t even make it to my sister’s wedding which means they’ve all been gone 8 years or more. In fact I distinctly remember my goal for that wedding had been to avoid thinking about it (my Opa had died only ~1month before). Whatever the reason, it was a good feeling.

I am not sure what I’ll do about wedding posts on the blog. Maybe when I am inspired (aka on the bus) I’ll yammer like this post but it is probably time to start talking about blisters, bunions and the 3-Day walk.

Oh, and change my blog header.

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