Saturday, August 13, 2011

When the readers demand…Wedding Recap

I just got slammed by 20% of my readers (DSF) demanding that I do wedding recaps. So I’ll give it a shot.


The time leading up to the wedding is a total happy blur for me. And I think it may have come off the sweat of my future husband’s brow. While I was off being pampered (thanks ladies!) he was busy coordinating picking up keys to our rental and figuring out tuxedo fittings and putting pork tacos in a crock pot and picking up rentals and etc. etc. etc.


The rental property turned out to be so cute and perfectly suited for prepping flowers and getting ready. Plus there were goodies for us (add that to the list of above things that put sweat on his brow)!


Wednesday evening we finished up the last of the wedding projects. The photo seating chart. Despite my best judgment I allowed a jet-lagged ex-pat to man the exacto knife but no fingers were lost.

Thursday we did the wedding task that I got THE MOST grief about. From the most liberal minded wedding people to the most conservative ones they were very concerned about my floral plan. But the time had come! Speedy, Ali and one of my oldest friend-family Jenna and I all went to Pike’s Place Market and left with arms full of amazing flowers. We arranged them back at the rental and they turned out AMAZING (if I do say so)!


Thursday’s plans all relied heavily on DSF and her hubby. While we were at the rehearsal, trying to coax my middle nephew into doing his job,


they took decorations to our rehearsal dinner site and then staked out a fire-pit on the beach for our get together later that night. It all went off without a hitch and I can’t thank them enough (forgetting to send them some pizza is high on my (very short) list of wedding regrets). The ‘smore party was exactly what I hoped for. Seeing all of my loved ones for a few extra relaxed minutes was a VERY good thing.

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bonfirebonfire setup

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socalohana said...

love this! can't wait for more! I'm so bummed about not being able to make it to the smores night =(