Thursday, August 18, 2011

Give the people what they want…Wedding Recap 3

Day of (leading up, part 2)

When we left off, our photographer getting there meant it was time to get rolling. My hair and makeup was done and, while Devon was scurrying around taking pictures of the flowers and my shoes and my dress, I got into my dress (after going potty).

Then I was ready. And early.

I wish I had our pics already so I could see if any of the pictures she took of me in the alley turned out. This was the first time I had ventured out in the dress and it was interesting starting to figure out what I could do in it and how much I could move. I had almost the entire range of motion and she put it to use having me squat down and lean and contort for what are hopefully pretty pics.

We killed time in the alley and then the second shooter (the photog’s hubby) came to pick us up to go down to see my handsome groom.

And we were early again.

We parked and waited for the men to arrive with my immediate-future husband. They pulled up directly in front of the car I was in! Luckily I think he was distracted and didn’t see me. I did get to say hi to the groomsmen and they all looked so nice and I was already completely floating on air.

I will re-iterate here that seeing M before the ceremony was THE best decision I made for myself. I was too full at 2pm! If I had to wait until the ceremony I would have burst and the torture of not immediately getting to talk to him at the ceremony would have been too much.

The plan was that I’d walk up behind him on the pier and tap him on the shoulder. I couldn’t resist giving him a back hug. I was so happy and touching him in his snazzy suit made it feel actually tangible. He managed to turn around and, honestly, I don’t recall the look on his face. I pulled him into a hug and started tearing up. There may or may not have also been some jumping.

(sorry no pics but the link to our photog has some and I will try to remember to update)

This feels like a good place to stop. I didn’t want to have too many recaps but oh well. Should work on being less verbose I guess…and not starting writing at 10pm.


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I'm so glad you are posting these. It is a lot of fun to get your perspective and hear all about your day.
Don't worry about too many posts. It was a huge, momentous day with a lot of components and deserves many words and pictures. Keep 'em coming chica!
P.S. You guys really did look fabulous.

Alicia said...

hmmm..... I love the posts, but they have run dry. You need to get excited to blog again. I am checking all the time... Anything, really, Please....