Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wedding post #2: Dress and other internet obsessions

I have this deep urge to just order a bunch of dresses online. One I have actually tried on in real life but now want to see it again. The others just because they are cheap on Nordstrom's website. It is funny because I am fairly certain they won't be figure flattering for me. But I'm tempted because I figure I can always send them back. But what a waste of fossil fuel to have dresses flown around to me rather than, say, going shopping at a store.

This seems like a potentially bad idea.

What are the odds of actually liking myself in one enough to make it my dress?
How the heck do I explain that to my mom?
How will I evaluate myself in it without proper lighting and bridal consultants trying to stick a veil on my head?

Plus, I will have (as the count is tonight) 3 dresses on the way.

I'll resist the urge but it is most certainly there.

In other internet news. I am a total lurker on a few bridal forums that some terrible (amazing) friends suggested. They are so interesting! I like hearing what women are doing and it is cool to see how different things matter to different people. I want SO BAD to be crafty but I am worried that I'm not.

I think I have decided on a first project (when the time arrives) to test my Martha on.
I have a vision of a cake table with pictures cascading down and around.
Maybe I should just haunt Etsy for it at work home tomorrow :)

60 day treadmill review

I love my treadmill! It has been so awesome having it in the house. Here are my thoughts after 60 days:

  • I am never far from a workout.
  • I don't have to battle inclement weather
  • I can run at night
  • I have a SWEET setup with a TV!
  • I am meeting more commitments to myself
  • I love the control panel and the built in speaker with iPod jack
  • I get to spend more time at home with my sweetie (even if it is closed away in the other room)

    • It is a tad loud, I feel embarrassed/bad that poor M has to listen to a herd of elephants trampling in the other room .
    • Doing more than 5miles on this guy is tough
    • The calorie counter is ridiculously off. Basically it is laughably high
    • I make more excuses about workout times and put it off until later in the evening than outdoor runs
    • I have started excluding other forms of exercise because I don't feel the need to go to the gym

    Overall, I adore my little setup and am kicking myself for not getting one and cramming it in my apartment. I feel good about going with the more basic model. It does what I need it to do and most importantly, it feels sturdy and hasn't had any issues with skipping which was my biggest concern. It is definitely basic but it has all the functionality I need.
    The cons are mostly my actions (well, except for the volume, that I'm not sure I can do anything about) and I will work on fixing those in time. Today for example, I told myself I'd go for a run outside and then fiddle-farted around until it got dark. So I hit the treads. Next weekend I'll do better.

    One upcoming concern is that I am going to start taking the bus into work which I think will make after work gym time feel even worse. Not sure what my game plan will be for that one.

    But it is awesome going for a jog in the comfort of home. It is our 1.83 anniversary (go ahead and mock there Starchy) so we used that as an opportunity to cook the turkey breast that had been in the freezer. So while I ran tonight I could smell the turkey cooking. It was awesome!

    I am extremely glad we have a long weekend coming up. Just have to make it through this full week. I am thankful for a few days off but that is the least of all I have to be thankful for this year.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to make the donuts!

So, just before shredding today M and I made DONUTS!

I saw this blog post and HAD to make these donuts. It took some time to get the infratructure setup but after ordering a donut pan via Amazon Tote and waiting like a big goofball all day for them to drop it at our door. We made them!

We have been freed from the Donut Industrial Complex (DIC) and it feels good! I am excited to make some spice donuts to take to the neighbors on Thanksgiving. We'll see if that happens but the image is cute and neighborly in my head :) And we've talked about having advent at our place one Sunday this December (probably my most cherished childhood memories) and I think having some donuts would be cute and wholesome. May need the mini-pan though.

Here are some pics, if you're in the neighborhood drop in for some donuts and cider.

Happy November!

Friday, November 5, 2010


I am a shredding fool again. I’m on day 5 and, let me just say, Jillian still sucks! She totally kicks my butt! I really want to get through another 30 days of shredding. The one time I did it successfully I really liked the toning I saw. The downside is that I feel like the region below my knees (calves, shins, ankles, feet) are so finicky lately. I guess I never realized how lucky I have been in the injury department (I figured my GI issues were my curse). I trained for the whole marathon without hurting myself but now I feel like I am always tweaked. It is very annoying. I like to pride myself in resting minor tweaks before they become anything. I rest with the best! But I may have gotten slightly impatient. I am also thinking inconsistency was what got me. I would be a slug for a week then decide to go for a 7mile run. So I’m hoping The Shred will help me get routine and build some core all in one hellish 20min DVD.
But I’m not sure what else I should get going on. I would love to sign up for a big race to get myself motivated (ex. Latch on to DSF for a marathon) but (at the risk of concerning DSF) the marathon may have killed my spirit. Speedy sent me an email about this so I know I’m not alone. That was just so darn painful and long and now I am in worse shape than I was then. How would I manage it? WHY would I?*
My next running endeavor is as a running buddy with Girls on the Run. DSF told me about them but so far I have only volunteered doing admin stuff (stuffing envelopes and the like). That oughtta be fun. Maybe the girls will remind me of the joy in the whole running game.
I may make the 12K’s of Christmas my next stretch goal. It is a new distance, 7 miles doesn’t sounds that awful and I haven’t really run a Christmas race before…if there aren’t 6 feet of snow it sounds cute (cue foreshadowing music?).
I am trying to get back to other types of training too. I swam for the first time since forever ago and…I have seen people on bikes recently. Guess I should keep working there.

*I would do it to show myself that I could beat it, be stronger, be proud of myself…blah blah blah

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