Friday, November 5, 2010


I am a shredding fool again. I’m on day 5 and, let me just say, Jillian still sucks! She totally kicks my butt! I really want to get through another 30 days of shredding. The one time I did it successfully I really liked the toning I saw. The downside is that I feel like the region below my knees (calves, shins, ankles, feet) are so finicky lately. I guess I never realized how lucky I have been in the injury department (I figured my GI issues were my curse). I trained for the whole marathon without hurting myself but now I feel like I am always tweaked. It is very annoying. I like to pride myself in resting minor tweaks before they become anything. I rest with the best! But I may have gotten slightly impatient. I am also thinking inconsistency was what got me. I would be a slug for a week then decide to go for a 7mile run. So I’m hoping The Shred will help me get routine and build some core all in one hellish 20min DVD.
But I’m not sure what else I should get going on. I would love to sign up for a big race to get myself motivated (ex. Latch on to DSF for a marathon) but (at the risk of concerning DSF) the marathon may have killed my spirit. Speedy sent me an email about this so I know I’m not alone. That was just so darn painful and long and now I am in worse shape than I was then. How would I manage it? WHY would I?*
My next running endeavor is as a running buddy with Girls on the Run. DSF told me about them but so far I have only volunteered doing admin stuff (stuffing envelopes and the like). That oughtta be fun. Maybe the girls will remind me of the joy in the whole running game.
I may make the 12K’s of Christmas my next stretch goal. It is a new distance, 7 miles doesn’t sounds that awful and I haven’t really run a Christmas race before…if there aren’t 6 feet of snow it sounds cute (cue foreshadowing music?).
I am trying to get back to other types of training too. I swam for the first time since forever ago and…I have seen people on bikes recently. Guess I should keep working there.

*I would do it to show myself that I could beat it, be stronger, be proud of myself…blah blah blah

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Marathon! Marathon! Marathon! Come join us! Instant exercise motivation.

aeep said...

But (not to scare anyone) it was HELL

And I am weak now :(

And lazy.

But you'll rock it!