Sunday, November 7, 2010

Time to make the donuts!

So, just before shredding today M and I made DONUTS!

I saw this blog post and HAD to make these donuts. It took some time to get the infratructure setup but after ordering a donut pan via Amazon Tote and waiting like a big goofball all day for them to drop it at our door. We made them!

We have been freed from the Donut Industrial Complex (DIC) and it feels good! I am excited to make some spice donuts to take to the neighbors on Thanksgiving. We'll see if that happens but the image is cute and neighborly in my head :) And we've talked about having advent at our place one Sunday this December (probably my most cherished childhood memories) and I think having some donuts would be cute and wholesome. May need the mini-pan though.

Here are some pics, if you're in the neighborhood drop in for some donuts and cider.

Happy November!


socalohana said...

Yumm! they look so perfect!!

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

They look fabulous. How do they taste baked and not fried?

Nice themed shirt by the way!

speedyDMD said...

I'm asking Santa for a donut pan for xmas!

speedyDMD said...

Christmas came early!!

I can't thank you enough (have I mentioned how much I LOVE donuts?)