Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wedding post #2: Dress and other internet obsessions

I have this deep urge to just order a bunch of dresses online. One I have actually tried on in real life but now want to see it again. The others just because they are cheap on Nordstrom's website. It is funny because I am fairly certain they won't be figure flattering for me. But I'm tempted because I figure I can always send them back. But what a waste of fossil fuel to have dresses flown around to me rather than, say, going shopping at a store.

This seems like a potentially bad idea.

What are the odds of actually liking myself in one enough to make it my dress?
How the heck do I explain that to my mom?
How will I evaluate myself in it without proper lighting and bridal consultants trying to stick a veil on my head?

Plus, I will have (as the count is tonight) 3 dresses on the way.

I'll resist the urge but it is most certainly there.

In other internet news. I am a total lurker on a few bridal forums that some terrible (amazing) friends suggested. They are so interesting! I like hearing what women are doing and it is cool to see how different things matter to different people. I want SO BAD to be crafty but I am worried that I'm not.

I think I have decided on a first project (when the time arrives) to test my Martha on.
I have a vision of a cake table with pictures cascading down and around.
Maybe I should just haunt Etsy for it at work home tomorrow :)


socalohana said...

oooh, the first BCBG dress is really pretty...I like how it ties in the back (I checked them out in more detail at the nordstrom website). I love the style of both though...I wore that type of long empire cue and it was just so comfy!

speedyDMD said...

I love how socalohana actually looked at the dress online!

Ummmm....I have a feeling I'm one of those terrible/amazing friends that introduced you to those fun (yet time consuming) websites. Sorry-- it wasn't really me (ahem....socalohana!)

BTW-- I love your dress choices!