Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deep thoughts from the bus. Vol 1

Today I start riding the bus to work. Because I love the earth (well that and I hate my driving commute and there is going to be a toll on the bridge I take to get to work and starting in January my company is charging for parking). We will see how it goes.

Pollyanna of it is that I ought to blog more.

Things on my mind on this ride home:

-I have to get out of my work slump. One way I am thinking would help is to bust tail to get caught up and then see if I feel better when I don't feel overwhelmed. I also need a pal at work. It seems kind of pathetic but I'm not saying I need a BFF but I want a buddy. I spend ~8hr per day there and it'd be nice to have someone to chat with. When my friend Ali worked in my building I was markedly happier. I've always had a pal I could grab if I was having a crappy day/crappy experiment. Ah well.
-I can't believe my old Roomie is having a baby this month(most likely :) )! Seeing the people in your life take these new huge/exciting (hugely exciting ) steps is so incredible. Not so long ago our biggest concerns were 8am physics and whether or not WOW chips could possibly be metabolized as fat and whether Speedy would come visit and eat fruit over our trashcan. But she is about to have a baby boy! I hope that the love and kindness she pours over others will all rush back at her as she takes on motherhood. And I hope she keeps blogging.
- I am so happy that my leg is feeling good. Yesterday was day 30 of my most recent shred attempt. It was not pretty and honestly my heart wasn't in it A LOT of days but I'm glad I did it. The only noticeable difference I see is my arms. I have asked my sister for Jillian's new shred for
Christmas. Looking forward to Jillian torturing me in new ways.
-this weekend i am run buddying for girls on the run 5k. I'm nervous cause I haven't run a race since July!
-I want to pick a wedding venue soon so I can get on with more fun stuff. I have starr
ed so many adorable things in blog posts in my google reader. I wonder if Roomie will be for hire for awesomely executed pretty DIY stuff? Now that I think about it, Speedy looks pretty crafty from pics of her wedding too.

Ok, we've crossed the bridge and I'm almost home.

Signing off with a pic from my failed snowy bus ride.

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socalohana said...

I still randomly think about that 8am physics class... it makes me laugh, but with a tinge of pain.

I mainly recall the pajamas, driving b/c it was way to early to walk, "casper" and the 2-Liter diet coke habit he had. Oh and that he hated our class b/c of galaxy tutoring (aka, cheating).

aeep said...

OK, when the new contoured coke 2L bottles came out I thought, “wow, that would have made it PERFECTLY to scale.” Haha, the mean on his exam was a 9/100…that would make even the friendliest ghost mad.