Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wedding post #5: If you plan it, they will have fun?

Now that we’re settling into a venue I can start to address my single biggest fear about this whole thing. What if people don’t have fun? It is seriously the single most stressful thought I have. Marrying M, piece of cake. Coming up with a meaningful and personal ceremony, no prob (ha, we’ll see about this).But what if we put this much time, effort, emotion and money into this event and it is a dud? Honestly this ties into post #4 very closely. I had a TiVo season pass for TLC’s Four Weddings and learned one very valuable lesson. Don’t invite people who don’t love you. But this is easier said than done and, truthfully, some of the people who love me the most will still probably be complainers. How do you tailor a party to meet the needs of guests ranging from <1 up to nearly 80? I want everyone to have a good time. Everyone. Genuinely.

The kiddos I feel will be easy. They are known to be spontaneous dancers (which ROCKS!) plus I think we should have crayons and coloring books and etc. The tweens ought to be alright too. There will be a pool table at our venue and we’re thinking about having games on the tables. Plus I am VERY excited about tasking a handful of 12-13 year old girls that we know to do some of my bidding on the day of.

Adults are a WAY different story! Will people dance? Will people talk to each other? Will everyone enjoy the food/cake/music/drinks/fill-in-the-blank?

This Friday we’re having a New Year’s Eve party to practice our host-ing. M reminds me that people just need to be fed and imbibed and they’re 90% of the way to happy (most of my people don’t drink so that puts more emphasis on food). It is that 10% that tweaks me a bit.

Will report back after NYE on how well our entertaining went.

Christmas was great and surprisingly I only got one wedding related gift.

My mom

made me that bag to carry all of my brideing (TM) necessities. It was sweet and needs to serve as a reminder that she wants to be a part of the process.


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

You have just verbalized my absolute biggest fear. I completely feel the same way. All we want is a big, fun weekend where everyone has a good time and there happens to be a meaningful ceremony in the middle. Every so often I have a total freak-out moment of "aaaack! This will suck and be lame!". Glad to know I am not the only neurotic on the block. :-)

speedyDMD said...

I think everyone has this fear-- I know we did! You (and The Devil's Starchy Fingers) have to realize that everyone there loves you and they will have fun for the simple fact that you are happy and enjoying your day. Don't worry!

socalohana said...

Seriously, the type of people that complain that a wedding is not fun, are the type that don't know how to have fun. So don't worry, bc those types will always find something to complain about!

Love the new header!