Monday, December 13, 2010

Deep thoughts from the bus. Vol 4

12 days until Christmas! I am WAY more excited about a week off of work than anyone really should be.

Not sure if theCap is down for it but I am hoping we can get some wedding details worked on while we both have daytime hours to spend together during the week. Thats seriously been a bit of a challenge. Looking at venues and trying to picture a July wedding during some of the most crap-tastic weather I've seen here is tough!

Seriously, walking up to Queen Anne to catch my bus tonight there were full on sheets of water coming at me. I took refuge on this house

Ok, not really but I did pop into See's with two goals: being dry and picking up some goodies to slip into M's family's Christmas package. The fact that I thought they might lavish me with samples never entered my mind.

Again, a decent umbrella or a bit of HTFU* probably would have saved me $7 and ~250 calories. But then the FILs wouldn't have had candy.

This weekend I ran 7 (pretty slow) miles ON THE TREADMILL! (and if you have an iPhone you know what a pain it is to write in all caps). But it was pouring and we were headed to see a play. Honestly, it wasn't so bad. I watched 3 episodes of say yes to the dress (syttd not to be confused with sytycd). I am not in pain today and there was no...abdominal distress yesterday either. Success!

I'm still plugging away with Hal but I'm pretty sure they'll not be any race in the near future.

Ok, now to sit back and enjoy all the shimmery taillights around us.


socalohana said...

My all time favorite candy is See's Rum Nougat...I can expertly pick those out of a 2 lb box, no problem!

Great job on the treadmill run! I'm so used to taking breaks every 5-10 minutes during my walks, it's hard to imagine running miles and miles on the treadmill again!

love you commuting update =)

speedyDMD said...

7 miles?!?! You rock! My favorite See's candy is the bordeaux... hmmm. My mom still sends me a bordeaux egg every year for Easter.

Maybe we should discuss a future run. Afterall, it's about time that #1125 and #1299 hit the road together again.

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I don't want to be the voice of doom but July is very close and venues and vendors fill up quickly especially for summer weddings. You guys need to get cracking if you have your hearts set on July. No pressure or anything. :-)

Seven on the treadmill? Congrats! I can't believe you are doing a 1/2 plan with no race on the docket. Go Amber!

aeep said...

Uh, 1299 that is music to my eyes. You say run I say how far. (plus,it'd help get me training since the commenter below you is trying to persuade me to do Eugene OR marathon :S )

Anne...typically if you have to say you don't want to be... :)

E, are the breaks bio-breaks sice being preggo?