Thursday, July 24, 2014

One other thing

I forgot the most random event of our anniversary evening.

As we were walking around we came across people literally dancing in the street.

It was Seattle Parks "Dancing Til Dusk"

We stopped to dance to the world's longest rendition of "on the street where you live."

We are terrible dancers but it was fun to relive the horror of dancing at our wedding and people watch. You have never danced with a more diverse crowd than this. We were at Westlake Park where homeless youth, drug dealers, bus commuters and tourists all collide. Throw in some more mature adults who were with the band and it was a party.

I think DSF should plan to swing into one of these with her sweetie. They can dazzle the crowd dancing as a threesome.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 for 3 for 3

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. We had 24 hours of celebrating just the two of us (well, minus work hours).

My awesome mom happily agreed to have baby boy spend the night so we dropped him off around bedtime on Monday. From there we were wild and crazy and went to a 10pm movie at the $3 theater in Renton and saw Captain America (FBP: how I can't handle violence in movies anymore).

In the morning we went to the department of licensing together to deal with car tab and title stuff. Swoon! Then drove into work together where we were sadly parted for about nine hours.

I changed into a dress and we departed for dinner and geocaching in seattle. I don't have to explain that to my readers since M talked your heads off about it this weekend (a, k & j) or you basically introduced the idea to me (other a).

We were early for our reservation so we picked up one beforehand.

Then feasted on oysters and steak for dinner.

Then found two more making us 100% for the evening.

3/3 seemed like the perfect way to end the evening and we were both excited to see Andrew. So we went to go get him.

The bonus to it all was that he had a great night and day at grandmas. He ate well and played happily. The cousins loved on him and he went down for naps well (ahem, not so much at home lately).

Double bonus (with a twinge of wistfulness) is that for the first time in 51 weeks I went over 24 hours without nursing. The clock is still running because he forgot to ask this morning. He was grumpy though...he knew he was forgetting something. Growing up is hard work.

He was happy to play in his room this morning. With Chaplin otb to boot.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm pathetic.

I just spent an obscene amount of time trying to get the cottonbabies website to load because they released the newest bumgenius print in their genius series. It is "Chaplin" for Charlie Chaplin. Not sure why he is a genius but it is the companion diaper to the "Audrey".

It isn't even that cute. But I own one.

Andrew is going to be so excited :)

I'm pitiful.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Things that bring me disproportionate joy

The snippy tool on windows 7.

Reading the grocery store ads.

Dropping stuff off at good will (probably less for philanthropic reasons than gleefully getting rid of stuff).

Rainier cherries.

A thoroughly bleached bathroom (wish I remembered my feelings about this so I would make it happen more often).

Oh, and absolutely ridiculous baby hats of course.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer day perfection

This afternoon mr. Baby and I spent a couple hours outside soaking (through sunscreen ) up the sun and warmth.

Started out just hanging on a blanket.

Then while watering the herb boxes he seemed interested in the hose. So we pulled out his tub and toys to splash with.

Then he climbed into the tub himself and got thoroughly soaked. He played this way for some time. Then got out and crawled his soggy diaper booty to me. We snuggled, lost the 100 lb diaper and dried off until Andrew decided it was time to go again! Splashing resumed.

Then it was string cheese and Popsicle time for Messy Marvin.

A great afternoon to be sure.

Not being able to play with the Popsicle stick once the treat was gone was Andrew's low point of the day.

Hope everyone had an equally great day.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things I disproportionately hate

Filters on pictures. I feel bad for my sister that her 1976 baby pictures are orange and glimmery, why would i want to make my image that way on purpose?

The fact that my work uses times new roman as a font for our study reports but no other document and no other program uses it as a default. Because it is terrible looking and distracting on scientific graphs and such. Plus I raised this issue when we got the template.

The term "mamas boy" when used snidely or derogatorily.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I fucking love San Diego

We are flying home from a extra long weekend in my home town. Man that is a great city.

We pretty much stayed within a five mile radius of the airport this trip thanks to the pretty sweet hotel we stayed at.

We stayed in mission bay which is where we used to go when i went to the beach as a kid. The beach and bay are separated by a board walk so both are really easy to get to depending on what you want.

The weather was mostly good with a lot of Classic San Diego "marine layer" in the mornings. We took lots of walks, went in the pool and played in the sand. I rented a sand up Paddleboard and rode it with a friend's son. We geocached our hearts out.

(Continuing this post from my pumping station on Tuesday. I can't tell you guys how many drafts I have stuck in limbo because I write them stating I am somewhere and then don't finish and don't know whether to revise)

Being in sd always makes me wistful of the life I imagine for myself and now my family. It is just so strange that we most likely won't be beach people. That Andrew's summers won't be loitering by the pool and frantically searching for his flip flops when he hears the ice cream man so his feet don't burn while he waits in line.

It is a true, if small, sadness for me. One not strong enough at the moment to make me want to change our life but real enough for me to feel the pull.

So visits suffice for now. I cram as much (real, San Diego) Mexican food down our gullets as we can manage. I try to see all of the fun landmarks and destinations which, in truth if I lived there, I'd probably be too busy living to go see. And when I get home I refer to "taquitos" as rolled tacos like god intended and try to keep myself from dropping "the" from freeway names.

Next time we go for long enough I am looking into condo rentals. The locations are awesome and Andrew isn't the best Roomie.

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