Wednesday, July 23, 2014

3 for 3 for 3

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary. We had 24 hours of celebrating just the two of us (well, minus work hours).

My awesome mom happily agreed to have baby boy spend the night so we dropped him off around bedtime on Monday. From there we were wild and crazy and went to a 10pm movie at the $3 theater in Renton and saw Captain America (FBP: how I can't handle violence in movies anymore).

In the morning we went to the department of licensing together to deal with car tab and title stuff. Swoon! Then drove into work together where we were sadly parted for about nine hours.

I changed into a dress and we departed for dinner and geocaching in seattle. I don't have to explain that to my readers since M talked your heads off about it this weekend (a, k & j) or you basically introduced the idea to me (other a).

We were early for our reservation so we picked up one beforehand.

Then feasted on oysters and steak for dinner.

Then found two more making us 100% for the evening.

3/3 seemed like the perfect way to end the evening and we were both excited to see Andrew. So we went to go get him.

The bonus to it all was that he had a great night and day at grandmas. He ate well and played happily. The cousins loved on him and he went down for naps well (ahem, not so much at home lately).

Double bonus (with a twinge of wistfulness) is that for the first time in 51 weeks I went over 24 hours without nursing. The clock is still running because he forgot to ask this morning. He was grumpy though...he knew he was forgetting something. Growing up is hard work.

He was happy to play in his room this morning. With Chaplin otb to boot.

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Kathy said...

Happy anniversary, you two! You look great... and happy!!!