Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things I disproportionately hate

Filters on pictures. I feel bad for my sister that her 1976 baby pictures are orange and glimmery, why would i want to make my image that way on purpose?

The fact that my work uses times new roman as a font for our study reports but no other document and no other program uses it as a default. Because it is terrible looking and distracting on scientific graphs and such. Plus I raised this issue when we got the template.

The term "mamas boy" when used snidely or derogatorily.

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Kathy said...

You are hilarious. I also hate Times New Roman (even though I require my students to use it to follow MLA guidelines). On the other hand, at 42, I am in love with filters. I am a sickly pale person with dark circles under my eyes and gray hair... I like filters that make my skin warm and sunny. :)
Maybe you can stage a "take back 'mama's boy'" campaign... ;)