Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer day perfection

This afternoon mr. Baby and I spent a couple hours outside soaking (through sunscreen ) up the sun and warmth.

Started out just hanging on a blanket.

Then while watering the herb boxes he seemed interested in the hose. So we pulled out his tub and toys to splash with.

Then he climbed into the tub himself and got thoroughly soaked. He played this way for some time. Then got out and crawled his soggy diaper booty to me. We snuggled, lost the 100 lb diaper and dried off until Andrew decided it was time to go again! Splashing resumed.

Then it was string cheese and Popsicle time for Messy Marvin.

A great afternoon to be sure.

Not being able to play with the Popsicle stick once the treat was gone was Andrew's low point of the day.

Hope everyone had an equally great day.

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