Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wedding post #3- Summer yearnings

So a search for “Seattle Washington seasonal flowers July” led me to this:

I am giddy beyond words! My plan for flowers has always been a big sweep of the farmers market that my sweet and I frequent. All summer they are filled with the most amazing bouquets of colorful stems and creative greens and they are as cheap as the dirt they grow in. My true heart is with dahlias because they are so amazingly intricate. I figured mid-late July would be the shoulder season for dahlias so they may or may not be readily available. But my heart just about burst when I saw all of the deliciously colorful stems that may be available to me that time of year.

The one snag will be if we wed on a Friday. Then I guess the plan will be to hit up Seattle’s everyday farmers market, Pike’s Place Market, and try to clean them out.
Touristy-yes. Awesome- also yes.

The bonus too is that a bunch of these are really fragrant. I had been grooving on the idea of maybe doing herbs as centerpieces since they would smell so darn good but fragrant flowers should do the trick too.

Oh flowers…I miss you.

(side note for those who don’t live here: As the days get shorter and colder the farmers markets start filling their bouquets in with cabbage heads and other creative winter alternatives, at first I thought this was adorable but now I just see it as the first sign of winter…sigh)

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socalohana said...

dahlias are seriously gorgeous. I love garden roses too, they have so much more character than regular ones. I never even cared about "flower season" until I had to plan my mom's bday party w/o the ranunculus I really wanted!