Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deep thoughts from the bus. Vol 2

Lesson of the day:
Taking the super early bus will not necessarily get you there sooner. AND Getting a later start will not necessarily get you the later.

Day 2 my morning was a train wreck but my evening has been a breeze so far.

On my mind tonight:
-I'm hoping the beef stroganoff I put in the crockpot this morning is yummy.

- I also hope to make "oh baby" bars that I saw on Eat, live, run tonight for a party on Saturday. I want to make them tonight cause they're gluten free and I want to bring on for a celiac coworker (see, I try).

- I need to unsubscribe to ELR since I think she's gone off the deepend and now only bakes irresistible goods.

- I'm tired. And bummed I'll have get up early everyday this weekend. It'll be fun thoughGOTR 5k on Saturday and then I pick my biggest nephew up to go to a Christmas party.

- I hope my dentist appt goes smoothly tomorrow. It is attempt #3 to place a crown and if it fails I may lose my mind. Plus I have a meeting right after it.

- I don't want to brag but I am a really lucky girl to have such a sweet guy. I feel like I've been a total headcase about work and stuff lately but he is patient and productive and I'm grateful for it.

- it is almost Christmas /new year!! My bus stop is right in the thick of Seattle holiday festivities and it is very exciting! We're thinking about throwing a NYE party to quench my NYE wedding desires so we gotta decide on that and get busy.

Ok, signing off with a (terrible) pic of Seattle Westlake Center all dolled up.

Wow, that is ridiculously bad :)

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socalohana said...

I stopped my subscription to ELR a while ago, not sure why. But I used to read her blog all the time when she lived in florida, worked at a grocery market bakery, and talked about more personal things (I'm such a blog stalker!)

That is neat that you are taking the bus to work!