Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding post #1

So we've been engaged 1.3 weeks and I am trying to fight off feelings of being behind. I know it is silly. Especially since Speedy gave me 3 things to do and I have gotten 1.5 of them accomplished.
I bought a notebook

and we've come up with a straw budget.

I just really want our day to be fun and to be surrounded by all of the people we love and to be personal and authentic to us.

What the heck does that look like?

We will figure it out I'm sure

We already had one wedding chore (looked at a venue). It was fun! TheCap was awesome and asked a bunch of great logistical questions that hadn't occurred to me.

So we are making progress for sure.

On the fitness side of things I think I'm getting back into the swing. Have had a few great 5mi treadmill runs and have started copying my old roomie's plan of weights while walking an incline.
Is it sad that I am following the workout plan of someone 32 weeks preggo. (it isn't. She is just WAY hardcore and awesome)

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socalohana said...

you guys are so on top of things already. can't wait to hear about what you guys come up with!

I miss 5 mile runs! Sometimes I wonder if all this walking will make me "lazy" and I'll never run long distances again...

Angela said...
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speedyDMD said...

I am so impressed that you have gone to check out a venue AND bought a notebook! You rock!

I also miss 5 mile runs! Keep up with your posts about running-- I need motivation to get back out there and hit the road!