Monday, October 11, 2010

Live blogging: 29miles on a stationary bike...hmm

Ok, I'm about 1 mile in and watching When In Rome.

Which will be worse? The movie or the ride?

7.2mi down. This is so much less fun than riding outside.

But I saw my bike pump yesterday and just couldn't stand the thought of more bike troubles on this ride. 7.7

More than halfway!
Took a stretch, my booty is feeling this already.

Done and done. Next year, outside!

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Congratulations on completing your birthday challenge! So early too! I can't imagine the insane boredom of 29 miles on a stationary bike. I might have gouged my eyebals out.

Happy birthday in advance! I will be out of town and away from internet this weekend so won't be able to wish you happy happy on the actual day? Any birthday plans?