Saturday, October 9, 2010

Run down, two to go

My sweetie said I should do my birthday challenge early so it is my goal to get it in this weekend.

As a reminder, this will be my 3rd year doing the b-fit b-day challenge. I've not been a stellar triathlete lately (like...2 years) but I still am doing the challenge.

I'll be 29 so
2000yd swim
29mi bike ride
9mi run

today I did the run.

It was pretty good. Started out rough but by mile 3 I was back in the groove.

Now I'm feeling lazy. I need to figure out the other two. My mom will count laps for me tomorrow but I am waffling on the bike.

Forcast for this weekend:

So I am thinking about using TheCap's stationary bike. Probably not tonight though.
Will report back after completion.

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socalohana said...

love your birthday challenges!

angelax10 said...

Good Job! Your birthday challenges are awesome! (BTW: I am soooo impressed with your 9 mile run!)