Thursday, September 30, 2010


That is my final score.

This is my result for the 30 days of home eats.

Assuming 30 days x 3 meals = 90 meals

I ate out as follows:

1. My sister hosted a dinner with a dear family friend at a restaurant

2. My cousin moved to town and we were all out and about and STARVING so I hosted a lunch with them

3. I had to work on the weekend and the Cap and I were starving for lunch

4. A bunch of former colleagues got together (at the yummiest Thai place…they give you summer rolls to start!) for lunch

5. Dentist tried to kill me so I had a shake and string cheese for lunch to ease my suffering (Hi Speedy  )

6. Break between nephews’ soccer games and a run to Taco Time with my mom

7. Began a quest to find the best Fish and Chips in Seattle when TheCap’s family came to town

So, here are the common denominators: Work, family and tooth decay.

Solution: Quit (if only), disown family (nah, they’re nutty but I love em), let the rest of the teeth in my mouth rot out (possibly happening anyway)

Ok seriously, the common factors are time and planning. In almost every instance we wound up eating out because an activity overlapped a meal (typically, a weekend lunch) and we’d planned poorly around it. The other factor is the social aspect. A few times we were asked to go out with friends but instead countered with an invite for a home cooked meal (well, pizza both times). Heck, we even wound up eating in on the Cap’s birthday (which I hope didn’t deprive him).

I do realize what a privilege it is to be able to decide to just grab a bite on the go if it is easier or will enhance your experience. It is nice to have that luxury and I will be careful not to abuse it.

I was telling TheCap that I my best take away from this was that it really made me think about what I was going to eat. It is SO easy to be tired and hungry and lose all sanity and hit the Black Angus. There is a sense of calm and satisfaction when you put on your big girl pants and figure it out and feed yourself.

I kind of like keeping an informal score of how it is going overall.

The one interesting thing TheCap brought up was that these 30 days didn’t inspire a lot of new and creative recipes. Maybe before our next report card!

Terrible picture, yummy weekend b-fast

Homemade Pizza

Birthday Fiesta!
Birthday Cake

Potential fire hazard

Gratuitus shot of my cute Cuckoo-head nephew


socalohana said...

I want that pizza and cake!! Yum =D

Angela said...

Nice speedy reference!