Friday, September 3, 2010

September thus far

30 Days of home cooking update:


Monday (8/30/10): Fail on dinner for me cause it was my crazy nephew's birthday but b-fast and lunch were good.

Tuesday (8/31/10): B-fast and lunch good and my super sweet sweetie made an amazing dinner of chicken shish tawook, rice, pita and salad with feta (why have I ignored feta for so long? Man that's good)

Wednesday (9/1/10): Again, super sweet sweetie came through and made an awesome dinner of salmon asparagus and leftover rice

Thursday (9/2/10): I was determined to be of use at dinner time but wound up working late so SSS made us a little bit of shrimp fried rice (still leftover from Tues) and an awesome salad with feta.

I am kicking myself for no photo documentation of our efforts. Maybe the next 26 days I'll be better.


I have had 2 pretty decent 5 mile runs indoors this month ;) I bought new shoes and want to figure them out before getting them too dirty to return (bought at Foot Zone Redmond, return policy is 30days- cash back only if not worn outside). They're OK. I mainly like them but there is an arch support feature that rubs a bit much and I am concerned that long runs that will be an issue.


I just realized I haven't started shredding yet and it is the 3rd! Good thing September has 32 days.


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

For the future: Super JnJ and FleetFeet both have return policies where you can take them outside.

So is your home cooking challenge for all meals or just for dinner? I want to see pics!

E said...

I just saw a quick recipe on Fitsugar for pasta with feta that sounded quick and easy!


2 cloves of garlic, minced

1 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil

3/4 C Skim Milk (approximate)

1/3 C Feta Cheese crumbles


The measurements are very rough, so play around with it. Start with less milk and cheese and remember you can always add more. Simply heat oil on medium heat and add the garlic. Cook the garlic until it smells good. Then add the milk and cheese, lowering heat to low, and stir until it’s thick.
The recipe serves 3 and can be served over pasta and spinach.

I may try this if I buy some feta. This sounds so lazy of me, but I hate cooking pasta... I hate that I have have to use a pot to boil the water, a colander, then another serving plate...too much clean-up for me =P