Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gym happenings

Went for a cycling class at the gym cause I am trying to use my new shoes indoors only. I wanted to go to my favorite instructor's class but it didn't start until 6:30. I am not in love with the 6:30 start time cause it gets me home too late for my taste.

The problem here is that the 5:30 instructor is NOT my favorite. I have a much harder time focusing in her class. Probably the biggest issue we have is that I barely understand her over the PA but I swear, she just mumbles and then intermittently throws out a key word.

Like this:

Blah blah blah blah, CADENCE, Blah blah blah, INTENSITY, Blah blah blah, HUGH-HUGH (those super annoying loud grunting noises)

It is EVRY SINGLE TIME I've been to her class. SO, I have a hard time following the workout and wind up having wandering eyes.

Here is what I observed last time I was in her class but forgot until tonight and had to post cause it was funny:

A girl outside the room was practicing for a very intricate tap routine (which in my humble opinion probably was best performed by 6 year old girls in sailor outfits*). She was going full-out. The routine included many jazz hands and a few salutes and bells (the heel clicking move). It was cute but it was her level of intensity that got me to pay attention. She was practicing in the middle of a fairly busy walkway/ warm-up area and yet she did not yield to traffic. She blew me away with her lack of self consciousness and her level of self-importance. I would feel like a goofball and an annoyance but she obviously felt neither. I wish I could be a little more like this in my everyday life. I get so self concious about being a bother or looking dumb. After meetings at work I find myself re-analyzing the what I said and how it was received.

On another note, I bought a treadmill today. I am really excited.. I just hope it is more than a laundry organizer!

*I hope that isn't a terrible search term

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