Saturday, August 28, 2010

"the vegetable of the day is brown rice"

This was what the waiter at Cracker Barrel told us.

It has not been the healthiest eating over the past couple of weeks by any score.

Our plan is 30days of home cooking. I think we do alright on having dinner at home with a few days of laziness mixed in. I do alright with lunches where thecap is not as good and he is much more consistant on breakfast than I am. So there is work to do all around.

I'm not sure what to do about what feels like a lack of fitness with the running. I am a little bummed and unsure about it. I have been running 12-20 miles per week consistently for >3 months. I know this is not enough to set any records and really isn't enough to adequately prepare me for a half of any distinction but still... I have been feeling what I can best describe as faint after only a few miles. I'm going to assume this is heat and laziness related and try to rebuild but it bugs me. The other arm of my plan is to get serious about crosstraining. I'm thinking to shred again but I shiver at the thought.

I still need to get news shoes too.

So here we go September. You better be a whole lot better than the month before. We're going to give you our best.

Since I'm bored on a plane here are a few of our previous cooking adventures:

And our cheese!

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