Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just OK

The kingsolver book I read on the plane here

The post tittle answers the following questions:

1. Where am I?
2. How am I?
3. How was my run the other day?

To elaborate on 3, it is hot humid and sad here so running was kind of a no-go. But then the heat died down a bit so I decided to give it a go. The temps had been >100 but on Tuesday it dropped to high 80s. Yipee :S

I wanted to do between 5 and 6 miles but wasn't too sure how much real estate I had since the highways around here are too scary to run on.

I set out from The Cap's parent's house and ran the neighborhood a bit before heading toward town. There was a walking trail head after about a mile or so but the heat and humidity was seriously making me loopy so I detoured to a carls jr and bought a bottle of water and got back on my way. But I was not holding up all that well. I went maybe another mile before starting to take pretty frequent walk breaks. Bleh. I wound up doing a very sweaty 5miles.

I will try to run again while we're here. I will.

I am feeling perfectly awful about running lately. They all seem sucky (oh but I did have an ok 12mi last Thursday to report on). I am concerned that I have just lost more fitness than I think I have. Not sure why though.

Will think on it and report.

To comment on 1&2 we are in Seminole OK which coincidently is where my cousin's baby has lived since she died. I am glad to have gotten to see her. It is dumbfounding that she is so grown up now and eerily comforting how much she looks like her mom. I'm only doing ok because we're here for the saddest of circumstances for my sweetie and I just wish I could make it easier for him and his family.

We'll head home on Saturday and one major order of business is getting a treadmill. Any recs?

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E said...

I can't believe you were even able to go for a run in that heat!

As far as the fitness goes, you can always work on getting that back...when the weather is cooler and life is just less stressful.

at least you only walked out with water from carl's!