Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cul de sac running

I had a long run on the docket for Sunday. I wanted 8miles. My mom got released from the hospital on Sunday and I was thinking I couldn't do it. As I sat there (watching some scary unsolved murder shows, thanks mom) and the patient slept I came up with what I thought was a terrible plan.

I would run the cul de sac (culs de sac? Cul de sacs?) surrounding her house. I figured I would run as wackily as possible for 6miles and then head straight back.

And it actually turned out amazingly well! I took every loop and turn there was. I never felt like I was getting too far from the patient and it was actually kind of fun! I managed to get myself semilost a few times and it was hilarious that I kept feeling deja vu thinking I'd passed certain houses.

My sister called wondering where I was just at about mile 6 and I beelined back. I cracked up when I saw that my straight path back was a full 1.2miles.

There are probably a million ways this can be looked at as a methaphor but I am typing on my phone so I'll leave the deep thoughts to you (and Jack Handy)

Probably should have gotten the last .8 in but glad to have done the 7.2.

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