Sunday, August 8, 2010

long run score: D-

Like an eager beaver I rushed out the door for the fun and excitement of a long run. I was jazzed to be doing 10 miles.

Actually, I was excited about that. I haven't done double digits all year and there is something that still amazes me about carrying myself so darn far.

Run setup: I took water and shot blocks with me in the sweet water bottle I scored at the marathon, (I'll post about this later but) I had taken an Imodium 2hrs earlier.

The run: I was chugging along doing fine. Actually doing well. I was listening to a 1hr techno-sweat podcast.

My first 5 miles were pretty darn good. i like 10miles because it makes % completed really easy to calculate.

I turned around and headed back.

I was at 63.3% (that is a D-) when I started feeling awful. I wound up needing to walk for about 0.25 miles to get my tummy back together before I started running again, slowly.

I feel like I got back into a groove and hit the full 10miles.

Not a pace I was excited about but double digits none the less. 

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