Thursday, September 9, 2010

It is here!

Our treadmill came today! I am super excited.

I love the idea that I can get a quick (or long) run in without having to add the time it takes to drive to the gym and back. 

We decided we were going to go lower end and get a starter model. I hemmed and hawed over which model to go with and FINALLY settled on getting a Nordictrack T5Zi (I think that is the link) because a) it was pretty well reviewed b) had the most powerful motor of the ones in its class and c) the one I wanted couldn't be delivered and this one could and was on sale.

It fit in the room pretty well! Hopefully it isn't too much of an eyesore.

My first run was 3miles at 6mph

When I first stepped on it I was worried that the tread felt too cheap and I am VERY sensitive to jumpy treads so I had phantom jump worries.
I like the control panel and the ability to hit a speed or incline and then adjust

But it was all good! The run felt great. I like the display and it has an ipod jack and speakers.
I will run more and try to give a more detailed report after a few more runs but so far, so good.

After my run I shredded for day 7(!).

Then, to celebrate the new treadmill in our lives, we ate banana ice cream and brownies (which apparently I inhaled before getting a picture of which is a shame because it was YUMMY).

I can't believe we didn't get a pic but imagine
Plus one of these

I guess we'll just have to eat them again for a photo-op!

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esther said...

how exciting! it looks like you got a really good model/deal. I'm glad the first run was a thumbs up =)

That banana ice cream looks so good! Did you make blog-world popular banana soft serve using just frozen bananas and a food processor? sooooo tasty!