Friday, September 3, 2010

Making up the time

Sometimes I have a hard time zoning out on the treadmill and it feels long and boring and eventually I give up and head home. To combat this I try to come up with mental games to break up the time or distance, here is my new one:


When I first get on the treadmill I usually hit start and then walk at the 1mph that the belt starts at while I get myself situated (music selected, headphones in, towel and other accessories adjusted, etc.) then I ramp up and start running. But this minute or so KILLS the average pace.


So my new game is making up the lost time. And it is really freaking challenging! That minute of barely moving costs a lot. Say I want to average 10mi/mi for a 3 mile run, if I only wasted 1min at snail's pace I have to make that minute up by doing ~9:35ish miles for the rest of the time since that first minute covered basically no distance.


It seems like such a rip-off. And makes me lament my potty breaks during races even more. But it is a fun game and a way to run some negative splits without feeling like it is complete drudgery. Plus it motivates me to get my act together and get running quicker rather than lollygagging at 1mph

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