Monday, September 13, 2010

Mushroom top shorts

I hate that I love my tri shorts. They're basically the only thing I like running in at all.

They never ride up and they are long enough to avoid my most dreaded running side effect...chaffing.

But they are patently unattractive.

Honestly, who thought it was a good idea to basically put rubber bands on your thighs and then get puffy and sweaty while you work out.

They're not cute but for the past few days I've run on my treadmill (!) in other non-mushroom-leg shorts and they drove me bananas pulling them down every couple of strides. Plus there was evidence of near chafe.

When I marathon trained I wore them on every long run and the marathon itself and I never had a chaffing issue at all.

If it aint broke and it is just unattractive, don't fix it, right?

I may need to add a 3rd pair to my arsenal and just resign myself to ugly yet comfy runs.

These are the ones:

Not cute but VERY functional (no riding up plus they have pockets!)


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Function over beauty when you run is always a good call. But the bigger question is why, oh why, when the weather has been so fabulous and the temps PERFECT for running are you inside on that devil machine?

aeep said...

Work and life have been making me want to just be home. In my head I know my drive will be better by staying here and running but my deep and passionate desire to be as far away from here as possible and as soon as possible usually has me heading home.

That, and it is my new toy! I may be kicking myself when it starts getting dark earlier.

socalohana said...

funny how we each have our own idea of what is comfortable to workout in. For me, I have to wear a big roomy shirt (usually cotton race shirts) and loose shorts! I hate anything clingy or tight when I run.

Also, I'm afraid to buy any "real" running clothes b/c I may like them too much and end up spending way too much money on workout clothes!!