Sunday, October 17, 2010

1.33 J*RPM

After the fun and excitement of yesterday I couldn't sleep this morning. So I went surfing for a bit. (the internet of course) then decided a run was what my happily scattered mind needed.

It was a beautiful path. Not such a beautiful day.

I set out for an easy 3ish miles (garmin died ~.25mi in).

Got to run a bit of the coronado strand.

Then I saw what looked like goat or maybe deer ears. But lo and behold there were a bunch of Jack rabbits. They were too speedy for me to get a pic. So I spent a few minutes walking slowly through the trail trying to get one. No dice but I've conveniently included a google-d image.

What to do with our day in SD?

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PS. This is the page of images that came up :)

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