Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mother Nature

Nature can be a terrible, insidious, monstrous beast.

People are often surprised that I am not really too into natural alternatives to many things. While yes, some compounds in nature haven't been figured out and mixtures found in nature are often hard to replicate, for the most part I like the synthetic version. I like that it was made in a lab and regulated. I even feel this way about synthetic gemstones. This is just my personal take on things and I fully exercise the right to be a hypocrite at times for absolutely no reason except that I feel differently about a certain product.

Motherhood has brought many people-of-the-internet into my life. I have the kid folio app on my phone and it can be really useful at times. I don't know many nursing moms and have questions. But my rage meter goes off there quite often because of how many people keep touting how awesome nature is at feeding babies. Um, not really. I have been super lucky with Andrew so far and I am still nursing but I fully understand that if I was struggling and if nature had it her way he would be starving. Nature is ok with runting offspring. But we've developed an ethical system in which we aren't ok with that and now (in what is a relatively recent development) science has made it easier to hold to that standard.

There was a recent story that breast milk bought online was contaminated. What stood out to me in that is that we have made women feel so strongly about breastmilk that they are buying it from strangers. What are we doing?

That isn't nature. And seriously do we want nature?

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I know this is out of the blue, but I just saw an old post about your paper lantern centerpieces at your wedding. I love them and am planning to do something similar for my daughter's Bat Mitzvah party. Can you tell me what you used for the poles? Were they branches, dowels, I'm stumped! Thanks so much. You can email me at tourstore@verizon.net