Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I feel like I am backsliding on my goals.

I have started to wear jeans to work again. I started with the excuse of casual Fridays. And now here I sit wearing them for the second day this week on Tuesday.

I also have fallen in my mascara/BB usage. It started with an excuse to myself about using moisturizer on my dry skin for a few days.

And I have begun to call a curly bun a finished hairdo.

I know what to do about point one. I need to get more pants and have them clean and ready. Or decide I don't care and that I should take advantage of my casual workplace.

I think getting my brows tamed- no, taming all of my facial hair (ugh, worst task ever) -will help me with point two.

Point three requires the most effort. And is why I have worn my hair in a high ponytail since the sixth grade.

I'd be lying if I didn't say that all of this backslide is due to just feeling blah. We are kicking butt in our daily routine but it is a lot of work. Michael and I were talking this weekend about how frustrating it can be to not be done with our baseline activities until almost 9pm. It works and there is flexibility but it is tiring.

But the thing is, because of that I want to stay in control of things that matter to me. I don't know what has happened in the last month or so to make it harder. When was I getting my runs in for half marathon training? Well, I got them in somehow because it mattered and I just made it a part of life.

I will give myself a pass this week but back on the horse after a nice long weekend.

Mr. Baby being destructive in his room while I am attached to a pump. He is ready trying to forceto redecorate.

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Kathy said...

If it's any consolation--and it's probably not!--I had all these grand plans for my summer break. I was going to start every morning with yoga, take Jack for a long walk, tackle one big household chore/task, write for an hour each day, etc. You would think with the ENTIRE summer off I could do these things. Nope. When you're feeling blah, you're feeling blah. I just get back on the horse when I can. :) Even yoga every other day or so is better than no yoga. :)