Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cloth diapering numero dos

I fully recognize that I'm cursing myself and as soon as I hit publish Miranda will learn how to eat solids and my wash routine will be ineffective and disaster will ensue. 
But I still have to say how well diapering is going this time!

It took me a bit longer to get into a real rhythm. Honestly because it took me a while to figure out regular laundry for the four of us (we were a disaster- generally messy and newly potty trained two year old who changed undies multiple times per day for the hell of it- newborn with bodily fluids coming out every which with similar fluid issues). Plus the diapers I settled on for Andrew didn't fit well on newborns. 

So at first I just used them when I had them and didn't stress too much. 
By mid/late March things started to clear up. Miranda began to fit into the diapers that make up the majority of our stash, I had a good laundry routine going and we'd found a daycare willing to accommodate. 

Since then it has been totally smooth sailing!

Here are the reasons I think this is so:
1. No learning curve this time. Michael and I are both well trained and know the routine. We're both pretty pleased with ourselves on how few leaks we've had. 

2. I am taking a pretty relaxed approach.i had started to get frustrated that I couldn't get the absorbency right for nighttime but instead of killing myself over it we just use a paper diaper at night. This also lets me slather her booty with whatever cream I want overnight which helps keep her little chubby thighs happy. 

3. Andrew broke in the diapers absorbency wise (the elastics are also a bit loose so that's a bummer). All of the natural fiber diapers and inserts have been washed a million times and are super thirsty. 

4. I know how to use a cover and I'm not afraid to do it. I have to send an intact diaper to daycare but on the weekends I now can use covers and this greatly reduces my laundry burden. 

5. This baby only poops once a week or so. Makes laundry nice. 

I'm so excited that it is going so well so far. I'm not sure why it is a thing I enjoy but it is. 

Maybe it's because of this cuteness
*i have many fewer pics of Miranda in diapers than Andrew, guess the novelty wore off. 
Damn he was adorable. 

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